Q&A with Love Fed Author Christina Ross

We recently caught up with new mom and author, Christina Ross on a cool February morning at the Venice Beach farmers market.  While shopping for fenugreek and early spring organic vegetable starters for her bohemian urban garden, we talked about time management, life choices, meditation and life in the city.

Going with the flow and not having too many things scheduled ahead of time helps me maneuver freely between the many facets of my life.

I make certain things a priority such as eating a nourishing breakfast to fuel my day and I also make a priority to fit in self care such as yoga and or meditation. Healthy eating is a way of life for me, so I’m not having to fit anything in per-say, but to ensure I don’t eat out too much, I began meal prepping since becoming a mother. My beloved Alex and I also include Nova in on the fun whether it’s in the kitchen or on our yoga mats. I find that taking time for self care can be the most challenging, yet most necessary thing I can do as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. By making it a top priority in my life, I manage to fit it in, especially when I surrender and ask for the help I need to ensure I get the time I need.

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The root of all of my passions, and what fuels me most, is the channeling and expression of creativity.

Whether it be creating happiness in my life, dreams coming true, vitality, recipes, or art, it’s the tapping into creative energy that takes me out of my head and puts me in alignment with spirit. In this place of creativity that there is a feeling in the air that is much different from the times when I am not in a creative free-flowing, synchronistic, solutions-oriented, all-trusting space. This feeling is so powerful that it takes over my whole being and in the end usually leaves me with something I am inspired by. I believe that birthing of creation in turn inspires others.

Tender love and care is most vital for nourishing the relationships I foster with my plants, family and friends.

Effective communication and honoring of each others needs for growth is a must for nourishing these relationships. Gardening gives me wisdom to bring back into my household. Time spent with my plants in the garden make me a better mother and girlfriend.

Call me crazy, but I promise you the plants talk to me, calm me, and uplift me.

I believe we are all born earth-conscious being that we, too, are a part of nature. I grew up with a family history of gardeners on my mothers side and we had home gardens when I was a kid. I had a connection to nature fostered by my parents but lost site of natures involvement with my food when I moved out on my own. I went from home cooked meals to fast food, ramen and pizza.

I guess I got so used to having my mother cook for me that I never woke up to the reality that one day I’d have to do the cooking. When I met my beloved Alex I wanted to show my love and appreciation for him in the kitchen. Community drives me to be better, it makes me want to work harder so that I can contribute more. It’s very inspiring to be in communion with others, as being a part of community instantly shows me the grander picture of love, as we all work together to share and create in an effort to build great things for ourselves and others.

I do feel I can make a difference in peoples lives simply by living mine from a place of pure love.

After soaking in a loving experience with Christina and her family, we couldn't help but be curious what her recipe for a beautiful day looked like: 

Waking up to a gloriously sunny SUNday, beginning the day with smiles, homemade breakfast with my family, and a stroll over to my local farmers market to meet up with friends for socializing, shopping and eating. Followed with relaxation and adventure in my backyard nesting under the pomegranate tree with my beloveds Alex & Nova, hula hooping, and creating a new piece of art. Afterwards, getting my hands dirty in the garden, pulling weeds, planting, watering, and with good fortune, harvesting. We’d then make our way to watch the sunset with a stop by the drum circle on Venice Beach, where we dance and frolic until we find ourselves wandering home with joy in our hearts, hands clasped, and a happy and sleepy baby in tote!

It was an inspiring morning getting to know Christina, her beloved Alex, and their little boy Nova.  Her care for community and health reflects the love she puts into her heartfelt recipes. With a delightful connection to nature and food, her Love-Fed recipe book will bring satisfaction to anyone with a tongue for superfoods and raw, plant-based treats. 

Christina Ross Family