How to find balance with Pro Surfer, Alex Smith

Alex Smith pro surfer in the pipe - Photo by Brent Bielmann

Tell us about your upbringing and how/when living a healthy lifestyle played a big role in your life.

I grew up on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, at the beach and in the ocean all day. I think that instilled a deep interest within me to create the same pureness found in nature in my body and mind. Our family has always been health conscious and we continue to grow and evolve day by day.

When did you start surfing?

I started surfing at 7 year old in Hanalei Bay.

Tell us what an average day in the life of Alex Smith is like.

I plan my days around surfing good waves, getting my body in tune and eating good food. In between those moments you'll find me hanging with friends and family, learning, meditating... I just learned Wim Hof's breathing technique which is an absolute game changer and is giving me whole new level of energy.

What would you say is your best piece of advice in life?

Nothing outside of yourself can add to your internal unlimited happiness.

What does it mean to be healthy to you?

Being healthy means having unlimited energy, mental clarity and an open heart.

Alex Smith Pro Surfer and Friends

How do you incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine?  

My daily routine is built around creating health. First, I do what makes me happy, gives me energy and inspiration. Second, I eat with purpose. Only putting things in my body that benefit me. Everyday is different and I listened to my body for what it wants. As soon as I go against what my body wants I feel myself getting out of balance.

What does your diet consist of? How does nutrition play a role in your daily activities?

I eat from nature, as pure and fresh as possible. I'm always experimenting with what ratio of food to eat for optimum performance. The last two months I was vegan and now I'm eating more meat and high fats to stay in Ketosis. I try to avoid sugars, even from fruit. Im into intermitted fasting, skipping breakfast everyday. When I'm training hard I'll add in clean carbs like taro, pumpkin or squash. I like super nutrient foods like Chinese herbs, medicinal mushrooms, super foods, green algaes, cow colostrum and raw milk. Two things I'm most excited about right now is the Wim Hof breathing technique and exogenous ketones.

What are your guilty pleasure foods? Do you ever have a “cheat day”?

I don't really believe in blowing my self out with cheat days but if I do I'll get creative in the kitchen with sugar free deserts. I just made paleo coconut, sunflower butter, asian pear crepes. I also really like paleo pancakes made with coconut flower, arrowroot flour and whey protein... The syrup: a mix of MCT oil, banana vinegar and butterscotch stevia with a side of turkey bacon. Yum!

What is your favorite Essential Living Food product and why?

It's hard to just pick one, but the Andean Maca Power Blend is the product I use most. I put it in all my smoothies, elixirs and baking mixes. I can really feel the healthy pure energy it gives me, especially before work outs and surfing.

If you weren't a professional surfer, what profession would you like to pursue?

I love food, cooking, health and training so probably something that has to do with those things.

Alex Smith Lunch Time

Does the busy lifestyle of a professional athlete and constant traveling ever get old? Do you see this profession lasting until you retire one day?

I don't find myself being 100% focused on just one thing, such as surfing. I hope to incorporate all my other interests in life to keep things fresh all the time!

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Cover photo by Brent Bielmann