Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade Raw Almond Milk Recipe

Almond milk is great to use with cereals, desserts or coffee. It is a wonderful dairy-free alternative and by making it at home, you are able to ensure it is at its fullest nutritional value. Almond milk is essentially just water and almonds, but we added a bit of vanilla and our coconut nectar, which made it unlike any other almond milk we’ve had!


* This recipe makes for a larger batch. To make a smaller batch, cut recipe in half. 


  1. Soak almonds for 24 hours in filtered water.
  2. Rinse almonds well.
  3. Blend together filtered water and almonds in a blender or Vitamix.
  4. Strain the mixture over a cheese cloth into a large bowl.
  5. Pour liquid back into Vitamix with vanilla extract and sweetener.
  6. Place milk in fridge and enjoy!