About White Mulberries

Sweet Selection

These sweet and chewy organic berries are a health-conscious and earth-friendly snack. Our mulberries come from fertile plains of Turkey where they are nurtured on small organic farms using traditional sustainable agricultural methods.

Sustainably Sourced

You don't get more traditional than this. Mulberries have been grown in this fertile region of Turkey for ages, using only natural, organic methods. The fresh, ripe mulberries are hand-harvested and sun-dried for exquisite RAW flavor and nutrient profile. Then they are vacuum sealed and shipped to our facility in the US.


Mulberries contain the longevity antioxidant resveratrol, which is being investigated for a wide variety of potential health and life-extension benefits. Resveratrol came to prominence when it was theorized that its presence in red wine was responsible for the "French Paradox" of health and longevity (despite a diet high in saturated fats). Subsequent animal studies have suggested that resveratrol may interact with the metabolism to create benefits in longevity, blood sugar, and possibly cardiovascular health.