Now more than ever, is it important to pay attention to the impact we have as manufacturers. We do everything we can to innovate, and lessen the impact we have on this planet.

Our products

Wild-harvested in pristine eco-systems, or grown on small farms that enhance the health of soil and water systems while protecting forests and biodiversity. Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end once we source our Superfoods. From our facilities to our packaging, we continually push technical boundaries to ensure the most ecologically responsible materials and processes possible.

Our Packaging

As a packaging material, glass is unsurpassed in protecting its contents from moisture and oxygen while ensuring freshness and flavor. Glass remains the most easily processed and most readily recycled container; the quality, purity and clarity of glass don't deteriorate. By using recycled glass, we keep tons out of landfills and save energy as well.

Our powdered superfoods come in sturdy air-tight tins made from recycled steel (min 30%). Steel has a recycling rate more than 2 1/2 times higher than most other packaging options. Not only does recycling steel reduce the need to extract more iron and coal from the earth - but these tins are often re-used as is, without the need for additional processing.

Our printers use soy or vegetable-based inks and zero-VOC chemicals on all their litho presses. For their digital presses they use water-based ink or toner with UV curing. All paper scrap, excess inks and other waste are responsibly recycled.